Random List of Things I’d Rather Do While My Baby Sleeps

Because housework is a drag….

  1. Read for fun or personal development
  2. Classwork
  3. Watch Netflix/Hulu
  4. Complete online Spanish lessons
  5. Eat
  6. Meditate or practice yoga
  7. Color
  8. Make some educational activity for him
  9. Dance around
  10. Take a nice long shower

Random List of Things I Love to Do

  1. Nap at the park
  2. Drive at ridiculous speeds while singing at the top of my lungs
  3. Eat
  4. Study God’s Word
  5. Watch live performances
  6. Sleep in the bathtub
  7. Swing on the swings
  8. Cry to sad music when I’m sad
  9. Read while taking a bubble bath
  10. Attend sporting events
  11. Nap at the beach
  12. Watch/talk about/pretend I’m part of Grey’s Anatomy
  13. Swim with the fishies
  14. Color with crayons
  15. Ride a bike
  16. Watch romantic comedies/Disney movies/action movies/Will Smith
  17. Star gaze
  18. Float around in the pool
  19. Take long, leisurely walks
  20. Feed the duckies
  21. Listen to the rain while drinking hot tea/chocolate
  22. Dance around my apartment

It’s the little things…..

Random List of Places I Eat When I’m Too Lazy to Make My Own Food

I just felt like highlighting some of the places that I’ve come to love on those days when I want to get out and let someone else make my food (I just had lunch so food is on my brain).

1. Chipotle – I LOVE Chipotle. I have for some time now and that love didn’t die when I stopped eating meat; I just changed what I order. I used to get a chicken bowl, now I just get a veggie bowl loaded with black beans and lettuce (and usually without rice). The Chipotle by my job even offers a meat substitute, but I prefer getting the veggie bowl cause then I don’t have to pay extra for guacamole.

2. Salad Creations – This is probably my FAVORITE place to go for lunch (there’s one close to my job). Anything you can think to put on a salad they have. Plus they have red wine and balsamic vinegar for those days when I don’t want a fatty dressing.

3. zpizza – I lived right by a zpizza for years and never tried it until after I gave up meat & dairy and learned they offer a dairy free cheese substitute. Now I love this place. Every pizza I’ve had here has been delicious. Like most other pizza places, they have online ordering and delivery.

4. Subway – When ever I want to spend no more than $5 on lunch, I go to Subway. The Veggie Delite does me right.

5. Veggie Grill – Every now and then I get the hankerin’ for a burger, just without the meat (and the fat and the cholesterol that comes with it). When I do, I usually go to Veggie Grill for lunch. While this isn’t my favorite vegan restaurant, it does have a number of tasty menu items that I enjoy.

6. Native Foods Cafe – Ok, THIS in my favorite vegan restaurant so far. If only there were one close to me… *sigh* Going to Native Foods is always a treat. It’s great for omnis and carnis alike. I’ve taken a few friends there and they all liked what they had.

7. “Ethnic” Restaurants – Why does it seem like every other type of cuisine is 20-times more vegetarian friendly than American cuisine? If going out, I love places that serve Thai, Greek/Mediterranean, Indian, Afghan/Pakistan, etc… Point being I can usually find some great “fare” at a restaurant that serves food other than American.

8. Burger Joints –  So now that I’ve talked all this mess about American cuisine, I will say that most burger chains (think Red Robin, Johnny Rockets, etc) do offer a veggie burger. This usually isn’t my first choice of places to go (I’d much rather hit up Native Foods for a “Chicken Run Ranch Burger”), but if I’m with people who want to go to a burger place or if I want a burger, but don’t wanna make it and don’t feel like driving to LA or the OC, I’ll just settle for the nearest burger place that’ll give me a veggie patty.

So there’s my list. I’m sure this list will grow as I continue trying new places, but this is what it is for now.

Random List of Things I Want for my Birthday

Since my birthday is 19 days away, I thought that I would provide a few ideas as you’re considering what to get me 🙂

  1. Ani’s Raw Food Essentials
  2. Vegan Planet
  3. Vegan on the Cheap
  4. Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine
  5. Vegan Express
  6. Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons
  7. Any raw/vegan dessert recipe book
  8. Any smoothie/juice recipe book
  9. Gigantic bag of plain (unroasted) cashews
  10. Gift card to Borders (or any book store for that matter)
  11. Gift card to Whole Foods
  12. Gift card to Trader Joe’s
  13. Gift card to Fresh & Easy
  14. Gift card to Chevron (do they have those?)
  15. Heavy duty food processor
  16. Excalibur dehydrator
  17. Cash, check or money order for any amount over $5

Random List of Things I Would Do If I Had a Suga Daddy

  1. Dance again, I think I’d try ballroom this time
  2. Get an MBA
  3. Go to culinary school
  4. Spend a quarter of the year out of this country
  5. Get a teaching credential
  6. Learn piano, guitar, viola and possibly flute, drums would be fun too
  7. Buy a black 2009 Koenigsegg CCXR, mmmm…..
  8. Read all the books that I’ve been wanting to read, including the entire Jane Austen collection and most of Dickens
  9. Get an MS in Embedded Systems or something similar
  10. Start/work for a national health ministry
  11. Spend weeks at a time doing nothing but cooking
  12. Have a closet the size of my current apartment (filled with clothes of course, clothes that fit!)
  13. Go on tour as a back up singer for Jill Scott, then another tour as a backup dancer for Beyonce, then maybe do a stint on Broadway (hey, one can dream!)
  14. Get an MA in something education related
  15. Be a ____________ mom (fill in blank with some sport)
  16. Learn to sew

Okay…. this list can go on, but I’ll stop it here

Random List of stuff I want but don’t need

1. New couch (I really want a sectional)

3. New end tables

4. Flatscreen TV

5. Basically I want to revamp my entire living room….

6. A maid

7. New bed

8. Windows 7 for my desktop

9. Summer vacation

10. Nap time at work

11. New wardrobe with clothes that fit

12. To get paid for doing nothing

13. An apartment with in unit washer/dryer

14. A dishwasher

15. The ability to selectively read minds…..