Love Beautifully ♥

These are the homemade Valentines cards I made for all of my “Valentines.”
             One is missing from the picture, but it was cute too, I promise.

I was never that into Valentine’s Day. And if I’m being honest, I’m still not a fan. I mean, why wait till February to bring out the chocolate??? Chocolate was made to be enjoyed year round! And don’t get me started on the idea of celebrating some saint that I still can’t find any conclusive information on anyway; I’m sure to offend someone if I start going down that path.

BUT, all that having been said, I have a good friend who loves Valentine’s day. For her it isn’t the chocolate or some saint, but she sees it as a day to intentionally celebrate the love that you should be giving and receiving everyday. So, in love, I decided to set aside my indifference toward the day and be as excited to celebrate love on February 14th as she was.

I responded in the way that I usually do when I have an overflow of emotional energies, I decided to make stuff!

What my place looks like when I decide to “make stuff.”
It was in this state for over a week!

While a lot of people focus on romantic love on Valentines, the group of women I live in fellowship with are all single so we decided that we wanted to celebrate the love that we have for each other and not focus on romance. We reject the idea that being single means Valentines day turns into “Single Awareness Day.” It’s truly unfortunate that there are so many that see it that way. The Bible says that God is love. Single, married, divorced, widowed, God’s love is unchanging and is worth celebrating at any opportunity!

So we had ourselves a great evening of love and laughter (they put us in a private room, they already knew, lol). Truth be told, we probably had a better Valentines day than even a lot of couples out there. Why? Because in our singleness we’ve learned something many people miss:

To Love Beautifully is to celebrate all forms of love.


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