“Where you go….”

If you’ve ever written a blog, chances are you’ve run into a number of questions while writing or preparing to write: Is this thought something I’m willing to share with the world? What should I use as an introduction? How in-depth should I go? And a whole host of other questions that come up. I’ve found that some posts just kinda write themselves, while others require me to really think about some of these questions. This post is in the latter category.

I could keep it short and simple and just share my excitement at having received my first passport (because I am quite excited!), but there’s so much more behind the occasion I almost feel that I would be doing myself a disservice by not divulging more details. But then, how far do I go? At what level do I write? Just how personal do I get? (if you didn’t notice, these are essentially the same question).

I guess (being a Libra and all), I’ll take a middle-road approach. I’ve mentioned before that the end of 2010 was difficult for me. Well it seems some wounds take much longer than a year to heal. So be it. But I truly believe part of the healing comes from moving outside myself and gaining perspective by being a “healer” (coincidentally, our pastor just talked about this on Sunday – go figure). And so I’ve tried to find ways to support others and help where I can, here and there. But there’s a part of me that tells me it’s not enough. Where I can, here and there isn’t going to cut it.

There’s a song that we sing at church that has been on repeat in my mind. The chorus begins with “Where you go, I’ll go.” And that’s the message on my heart right now: “Go.”  I am increasingly being led to REALLY MOVE outside myself and my small circle of influence, to GO and seek those in need. This is where my passport comes into the picture. Before, that could have been on my heart all it wanted to be, but there was only so far I was gonna get. Now, as the passport paperwork says, “With [My] US Passport, the World is [Mine]!” (I thought that was cute). Now, I ready to answer that call Christ has on my life to go and to serve, where ever He calls me.


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