Weigh-In: Ichi

So today was my first weigh-in and I’m proud to announce that after one week of dedicated effort, I’m down about 3 lbs. I’m not sure what my exact loss is cause of the difference in clothes weight, but the trend is downward so I’m happy.

Overall, I had a pretty busy week and I don’t know if I really want to set the expectation for every week to be the same cause I am tiiiiirrrred. I don’t want to overdo it and burn out, which I have a tendency to do.  So I’ll probably take it a little easier the next couple days. Plus I think I did something to my leg either working out or in African Dance class cause something aint right….

I had a couple of thoughts this week about my weight loss goals. The first is my fear of hitting a plateau before I reach my goal. I should be okay because my goal isn’t too far-reaching, but I also know that I’m pretty close to my ideal weight, which is slightly less than my goal weight. The closer you get to an ideal weight for your body the harder it can be to lose weight. So I would get very frustrated if I were to hit a plateau something like 2 lbs away from my goal. I guess I can’t worry about that now, but it is something that was in the back of my mind.

I also started to see how it affects my social life. Not that I become anti-social (not more than usual at least), but I tend to shy away from social events that revolve around food. Unfortunately, this seems to be about 97.65% of most social engagements. Even if I want to go and am willing to deal with the temptation, oftentimes it seems as though my not eating makes others uncomfortable. I don’t know if people think I’m judging them or they just don’t like people just watching them eat. Or maybe I’m projecting my own discomfort. I don’t know, either way it makes for a somewhat awkward situation for me. But I don’t wanna be an outcast so I need to figure something out.


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