Mango Breakfast

When I went to the fridge this morning, guess what I found…. a MANGO! I had completely forgotten that it was in there. I had full intentions of making a smoothie with it until I realized I didn’t have a banana to smoothie it with. I ate my last one yesterday. Blast! So I had to figure out what else to do with my surprise mango.

Getting my inspiration from the Lunch Mango Cucumber Noodles dish on Raw on $10, I just cut the mango in chucks, added some chunks of cucumber, squeezed some lime juice over it and seasoned it with red pepper flakes, parsley flakes, Onion & Herb Mrs. Dash and Extra Spicy Mrs Dash (which is not all that spicy really).

It came out pretty good, although next time I have mango and cucumber, I’ll cut the cucumber into smaller pieces. The cucumber didn’t stand well on its own. The mango is really the star of this simple dish.


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