The New Years Post

Okay, so I know that we’re well into the second month of this year and it may be a little late to refer to this as a New Years post, but the nice thing about having a blog is that I can call my posts whatever I want 🙂

In a sense, today was like New Years for me. Around the beginning of the new year people often take time to reflect on the year that passed and begin to determine what they want for their lives in the coming year. Well, that’s exactly what today was like for me. The past few months have been very difficult (that’s why I haven’t posted anything on here lately). A number of events occurred in my personal life that really took a toll on me, emotionally, physically and spiritually. So when the new year came around, I wasn’t really in the emotional state to do all the usual new year resolutioning. In fact, I wasn’t in the emotional state to do much of anything productive….

But today felt like an awakening of sorts.  I woke up this morning with a renewed enthusiasm for life and decided to write a set of goals that I have for the coming year. The result was a goal packet I created for myself. Yes, I ended up with a packet, not just a list. It started as a list, but then I realized that a list doesn’t really get me far. I needed a plan of action, a set of concrete steps that I will take to accomplish my goals.  So that’s what I did. Now, my packet isn’t complete yet, but I’d say I’m off to a good start.

I have to admit, initially I felt kinda guilty because most of my goals seemed somewhat selfish to me, but my mommy told me it’s okay because I’m at a stage in life where I’m supposed to be working on me and establishing myself. So now I can look at my packet guilt free.  Thanks mom!

In case you’re curious, here’s the list that I started with. It’s very personal, but I decided to share it anyway because maybe there’s something on my list that someone who’s reading this wants to do as well or there may be something someone can help me accomplish. At any rate, here it is:

Bernadette’s Goals: 2011


1. Research various investment options (via online resources and/or discussion with broker)

2. Wisely invest $1,000

3. Increase savings by $5,000

4. Pay $5,500 toward car

5. Pay $2,000 toward student loan


6. Read Moby Dick, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and The Good Earth

7. Take a vacation

8. Volunteer 2+ times a month

9. Dance 1+ times a month

10. Drop 5+ lbs

11. Continue study of Japanese language (via books, class and/or software)

12. Continue study of piano (via class and/or personal instruction)

13. Host 2+ “ladies night” get togethers


14. Find a church home (stay put Bernadette!)

15. Join a ministry (choir doesn’t count)

16. Attend weekly Bible study

17. Fast quarterly (to include study and prayer)

18. No sex

19. Create 1+ Bible study lessons a month

20. Find godly woman mentor


3 thoughts on “The New Years Post

  1. I love this. You must be incredibly focused, because your goals are so specific and clearly defined. That means that you can definitely be successful in reaching them, and that your life will continue to move with direction, because you know exactly where you are going. I really like that, especially the financial part. You are such a complete package lady! Beautiful, driven, and accomplished. Stay on. We’re all moving forward with you.

    Oh. Now time for my ‘snarky’ comment. LOL. “No sex” ?!?! <–I'm sure it's for the best. But still LOL. How about "no bad sex"? lol. Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding. I'm totally kidding lol.

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