Burger Time!

There are certain things that I am not willing to give up. The first and foremost is chocolate, but that’s a subject for another time. Another is my right as an American citizen to have a good burger!

The other night I broke out the Foreman grill and made a delicious tofu burger. Yeah, I know, I’m not helping the commonly held belief that all vegetarians eat a buncha tofu, but when I saw this little packet for sale at the Japanese market I couldn’t resist. It just made it look so easy, I had to try it. It came out pretty good. The seasoning was really good, but I think it would have been better if I used extra firm tofu instead of firm. The firmer the tofu, the less moisture it has and the better it holds its shape. So if I try it again I’ll use extra firm. To top the burger, I used grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, avocado and micro greens. For the bun, I used these little thin buns my aunt told me about. The combination of everything  for the burger was great.

The idea for the veggie kabob came from this book, which might I mention, I bought for only $7 at Borders. I didn’t like the marinade that went with the recipe in the book though. Instead, I went with a Lemon-Herb marinade I found in my 30-Minute Vegan cookbook. I let all my veggies soak in the marinade as I was preparing the burgers. I used red onions, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, squash and put a few pieces of the tofu in the marinade as well. Since I didn’t have any skewers I just used my chop-sticks and grilled it on the Foreman. I wish you guys coulda smelled the veggie kabobs as they were cooking, it was heavenly! Mmmmmm…..


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