My Little Piece of Heaven

Saturday mornings are my absolute favorite. Those mornings where I have no particular place to be at any given time, I find that I am most content and at peace. Don’t get me wrong, I love each day with which God blesses me, especially Sunday because I get to fellowship with other believers, but there’s something about spending some solitary time in quiet reflection (unless the neighbor girls are out, then it’s just reflection, no quiet).

Saturdays are also the perfect time for me to try new breakfast recipes. Such was the case this morning. I had been eyeballing a recipe for Baked Plantains from my 30-Minute Vegan cookbook for quite some time. The only way that I have ever had plantains previously was fried so I wanted to see what they were like baked. I’m not sure how they are supposed to taste, but it wasn’t bad. I was a little surprised, actually. They were not nearly as sweet as bananas. In fact, it kinda had the consistency of a potato.

The recipe called for this sweet and tangy dressing made with sweetener (I use agave nectar), molasses, cinnamon, garlic, lime juice and vanilla extract. It was very good. It kinda just soaked into the plantain and the bread (made from grains, no flour, no yeast).

To top my meal off, I had a Get Your Greens smoothie, a recipe I found on Whole Foods’ website. I recently bought a Whole Grain “drink” from Trader Joe’s for the first time, so I used that as my milk substitute. In 1 cup, there are only 50 calories AND it has 3g of dietary fiber. Not bad if you ask me. Ok, back to my smoothie. Look! I even made it all fancy like they do in the pictures online and stuff. 🙂

Overall, this morning exemplifies why I absolutely love Saturday mornings. I got up, cleaned my place a little, went for my morning run, played on my Wii, tried a new recipe and now I get to share it with you. Well, not share the food; obviously I can’t do that cause I already ate all of it and it would be kinda hard to share it over the internet. But I can share the experience and that brings me a little joy and satisfaction as well. Probably more so because I get to tell you about it and show you pictures, but I keep all the food to myself. So it’s a win-win for me!

Have a beautiful day everyone!


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