Tonight’s Meal Ordeal

There are certain things that one would expect a responsible adult to know. Don’t cross the street without looking, don’t leave milk out, you know, stuff like that. Now, overall I consider myself a pretty responsible person, but nights like tonight I have to question that. First, I put parchment paper in the broiler. I knew I smelled something burning! But this wasn’t so bad. What really gets me is that I left the cover to one of my new plastic containers on the stove-top, with the oven on, right by where the heat comes out. It melted. **pouts**

Oh well, at least dinner came out good.

Tonight I made Collard-Herb Stuffed Portobello and Roasted Garlic mashed potatoes, both recipes from my 30-Minute Vegan cookbook. I’d say tonight’s meal was worth the ruined plastic container and the messy kitchen.


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