Sunday Shopping Excursion

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. I got up, the sun was shinning, I tidied up my place, went to church (I was almost on time today), got my car washed (finally) then went to one of my favorite places, Whole Foods. Of all the days to go to Whole Foods, Sunday is the best! I think I had a whole meal just from snacking on all the samples. They even had someone BBQ-ing in front of the store. It’s just a happy place to be.

I thought I’d take a picture of what my shopping chart looked like for those who sometime ask “what do you eat?” Well, now you see. What’s funny to me is that even the people in the store were surprised by what I had. One lady commended me on not using a billion little plastic baggies. Someone else asked me what I was going to do with all the fruit. That kinda threw me off. I was just like “um, eat it.” I didn’t think it’d be that strange to have a cart full of produce in Whole Foods, but I guess it was. Go figure **shrugs**


2 thoughts on “Sunday Shopping Excursion

  1. I guess we have grown so accustomed to seeing carts full of boxes and other prefabricated packaged items that it is kind of shocking when those things are omitted from someone’s shopping experience.

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