Ready to Run

Shoes, check. Ear phones, check. New running socks, check. It was 5:45 am on Sunday, July 11th and I was going through my mental checklist for all the essential items I would need for my first 5k run, the 17th Annual Keep LA Running 5k.

I hadn’t initially planned on doing the run. A few girlfriends of mine, including my bestest friend, had already signed up and convinced me to participate with them. I’m glad they did. I really enjoyed the whole experience. I came in 268th out of 601 with a time of 31:23. Not bad for my first time.

I don’t know how I felt about them taking pictures of us while we were running though. I don’t think mine came out that good (I was trying to avoid the cameras), but I guess you can judge that for yourself.

For anyone who has considered participating in a run, I would highly recommend it. Something about having that whole atmosphere, the crowds, the other runners, the little booths with giveaways afterwards, made it very enjoyable. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment you feel when you cross the finish line, it really makes you want to do it again (like, on another day).

Next run in August?


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