Mango Madness

I don’t know why, but I had a craving for mangoes today. And wouldn’t you know, Whole Foods had a sale on, guess what…. mangoes! So I bought a handful of ’em and searched Raw on $10 for some ideas of what to do with them.

The salad is just romaine with cucumber, onion and chunks of mango, topped with a mango dressing, diced jalapeños and red pepper flakes. The recipe for the dressing can be found here. I omitted the olive oil and just added another tbsp of cider vinegar instead.

The plate next to it is like a cucumber, mango pasta. I recently bought a mandolin slicer with a  julienne blade that allows me to slice stuff into thin, noodle like strips. So I used this to slice the cucumber and mango. Then I just added some onions, squeezed a little lime juice over it and sprinkled it with pepper. Yum! This was another Raw on $10 idea, again without the olive oil.

The smoothie was just a couple of bananas, a handful of strawberries and a half of a mango. Oh yeah, and I added some flaxseed and wheat bran. It was my dessert. And it was yuuuuummmy!

I wanted to make this Live Mango Gazpacho from my 30-Minute Vegan cookbook, but by the time I finished the other dishes, my kitchen was a mess and I was tired of being in it. I was just ready to eat. So I figured I’d save it for another time. Besides, I had the soup before but I hadn’t tried the mango dressing or the cucumber and mango pasta.

Overall, I think I did pretty good. My tummy sure did like it!


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