On Men and Marriage

I really don’t like washing dishes. I do it because it’s a necessary evil, but washing dishes is not very high on the list of things I like doing. I know this seems completely random, but I say this because a lot of times I think about other things while I’m washing the dishes. I guess this helps me take my mind off of the fact that I’m doing something I’d rather not be doing. Anyway, as I was washing dishes not too long ago I started thinking about men, a much more productive use of my time in my opinion. More specifically, I was contemplating the ways in which I would categorize men.

What I came up with is a very simple schema. As I see it, there are 4 types of men: good men, great men, extraordinary men and others. Now, when I asked myself “well Bernadette, what determines how you would categorize a man?” I realized that it was based almost entirely on my perceived “marriage readiness.” Not whether or not he wants to get married, but how prepared he is to take on the role of a husband if he so chooses (I have to admit, this kinda made me laugh at myself, but it was the honest answer). So from that, this is what I got (keep in mind, this is all completely subjective, I’m just giving you an honest “look” at what was going on inside my brain while I was washing dishes) :

I’ll start with “others.” I don’t think too many men fall into this category (well, not too many men I know at least) so I won’t go into detail, just think serial killer, heartless criminal, uni-bomber, guys along those lines.

Now, a man who I would call a good man is a man with a number of commendable qualities, but someone who I would probably never marry or even date. For one reason or another, he just isn’t someone who I think would be the proper leader for me. Out of the top three characteristics I desire in a man, he has none. BUT he may be the perfect person for someone else so who am I to say he’s not a good guy? Most men that I meet fall into this category.

Then there are great men. These are guys that I could almost see myself with, but there may be a few things that could really be show stoppers or there may be some areas (of their lives or their character) that I think need to be developed before I could entrust my life to them. I’d say out of my top three desired traits, a great guy is one who is strong in at least one of them and has some flicker of the other two.

Finally, this brings us to what I would consider an extraordinary man. This is the type of man that epitomizes what I want in a husband. He is strong in two out of three of my desired traits and shows sure signs of the third. Unfortunately, I don’t meet too many men I would say fall into this category (or maybe fortunately, I haven’t decided yet).

Anyhow, there you have it. If you’ve ever wondered how I classify men (don’t know why you’d really wonder that, but in case you did), now you know.

PS: I realize that I used the phrase “what I want in a husband” without clearly stating what that is. Yeah…. that was intentional. And I am aware that I failed to mention what the three qualities are that I would like in a man. Also intentional.


One thought on “On Men and Marriage

  1. Cute post sands 🙂 Men and dishes. We wash a lot of dishes in our lifetime and unfortunately make poor choses and get damaged by a lot of men also.

    I guess when we start thinking and stop so-called “falling” in love we might make better choices.

    Interested to know what your three qualities are…

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